Uploading and Managing Files via the File Manager

Uploading Websites
This article explains the File Manager feature of the hosting control panel, which is one of the ways you may upload and manage files on the Web Server.
The File Manager is included in all hosting packages. To access the file manager, log into the hosting control panel at https://cp.ancbd.com
Select the hosting package (space) where the domain is hosted, and on the next step select File Manager at the bottom of the left side Menu.
You will be able to browse folders on the Server and List Files in a specific folder. While you may use the File Manager to upload files like you would with FTP, the File Manager has some important features not available via standard FTP. For example, with the FIle Manager you can compress a file or folder on the server for backup or fast downloading. You may also upload a compressed zip file to the server then extract the content in a specific folder of your hosting space.
The File Manager also allows you to directly edit the files on the server with a basic text editing interface. You can edit and save files directly on the server, without downloading them.
To ensure secure data transfer during uploading or downloading of files, make sure you logged into the control panel via SSL.

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