The SQL Web Administration Tool

Web Development
You can use the SQL Web Administration tool to perform various database management tasks on the server:
  1. Publish Initial Schema and Data by uploading and executing a sql script created by the Database Publishing Wizard
  2. Modify existing datababase objects (Table, View, Stored Procedure etc.)
  3. Run queries, Execute SQL Statement, view table data.
  4. Create database objects for ASP.NET Features like Membership, Profile and Personalization.

The SQL Web Admin is located at:

You must log in using a database user name and password.

Another option is to log in directly from the Hosting Control Panel:
  1. Navigate to SQL 2008 or SQL 2012 Databases
  2. Select 'Browse Databse' from the list of available Databases
  3. You will be logged into the SQL Web Admin directly

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