How to connect database to your Wordpress site.

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You know, Wordpress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the web. Most developers are using wordpress CMS for their web project because it's a very easy to use and dynamic.
Sometimes, website owners make a change to their website hosting as like as they move one hosting company to another hosting company. After move their hosting files they doesn't make a change their database connection through php configuration.
Okay, let's get the solution:
After moving all the files on your hosting. You have to change a little connection string. Now, i gonna show you how to do this.
1. Go to your File Manager > public_html and upload your compressed wordpress backup file. After completing upload, you should extract the compressed wordpress backup file. as like as:
2. Now you should delete the wp-config.php file from you hosting.
3. Do not forget to create a new database under the hosting panel.
4. Run your website "" and you get see wordpress configuration function page. Just fill all the information like DB Info, and finally submit the button. Hope it's well done!
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