You should be aware of these important Email features

Email Services
Here is a list of important Email features you should know:
  • Every email is checked with two leading Anti-Virus software, and if a virus is detected, the mail server rejects the email.
  • If you do not log into your email account for 30 days, your account will be suspended and no emails will be accepted for your account.
  • You cannot create the following email accounts: postmaster@yourdomain, hostmaster@yourdomain and abuse@yourdomain, these accounts are reserved for administration and controlled by the system administrator.
  • Emails can be accessed via POP3, Web browser, pda device and wap enabled devices.
  • IMAP4 access is available if your hosting package supports it.
  • Webmail can be accessed via SSL secured connection. Select 'SSL Mode' on the Web mail login screen.
  • A copy of every email is kept for 7 days, even if you download and delete your messages from the server. You can request a restoration of your deleted messages within 7 days.
  • Anti-SPAM feature is configurable for every user. You can change your Anti-SPAM settings by logging into the Web mail interface and selecting Settings>Anti Spam
  • If the primary mail server is down for any reason, the backup mail server continues to receive emails until the primary mail server is up, and then forwards the emails to the primary server, so your emails are not lost.
Please see other knowledgebase articles for more information on a specific Email feature.

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